Middleton police investigating neo-Nazi stickers found on newspapers


MIDDLETON, Wis. — Middleton police are investigating several reports of neo-Nazi stickers attached to Cap Times newspapers that were thrown in residents’ driveways over the weekend.

Middleton resident Chelsey Negrete said she didn’t notice the newspaper in her driveway until Sunday afternoon.

“It was at the end of the driveway and I saw it and knew right away it was part of the propaganda that has gone out to us Middletonites,” Negrete said.

The sticker promotes the National Alliance which is one of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups in America, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Negrete said she doesn’t subscribe to the newspaper and was confused as to why she had one sitting in her driveway. But she is just one of several who said they received a paper with the neo-Nazi sticker on it.

“It’s really unnerving finding something like this in your yard and having the thought that people could even think like that,” she said.

Middleton’s District 3 alder Katy Nelson said she heard from several people in the neighborhood who also received the newspaper with the sticker attached.

“Everybody in Middleton is not happy about it and we are not welcoming this kind of message,” Nelson said.

Nelson said even though several of her neighbors received the newspaper, she said she never got one. Nevertheless, Nelson said it shouldn’t have happened at all.

“It definitely adds fuel to the fire,” Nelson said. “Here in Middleton we are trying to own up to whatever racist actions have been taken in this city in the past.”

The Cap Times publisher and editor Paul Fanlund said these stickers go against everything the paper stands for.

“We are deeply disappointed to hear that our print editions were used for this purpose,” Fanlund said. “We find it highly ironic that the stickers were attached to our newspaper because we’ve stood against racism since we worked to prevent the Ku Klux Klan from coming to Madison 100 years ago.”

Middleton police are asking anyone who may have surveillance video of the papers being distributed or anyone who also received a newspaper with the sticker on it to contact the police department.

“This is horribly disgusting behavior and it makes me ashamed that this is happening in our state, in our neighborhood and it needs to stop. It’s just awful. It’s wrong,” Negrete said.

“I want to be an active part of getting rid of thoughts like this,” Nelson said. “We are going to do everything we can do not let this message live here.”