Middleton bachelor creates his own dating website

Middleton bachelor creates his own dating website

Technology isn’t always easy to navigate, which is why Dave Friedman makes a living guiding people through the capabilities of their cell phones, tablets, and computers.

“It’s kind of a natural state for me to be self-employed,” Friedman said.

But don’t be fooled. That doesn’t mean Friedman wants to be alone. He volunteers at the Middleton Senior Center, greeting rooms full of women with free help.

“I think David is a winner. I really do. He’d be great,” frequent tech help recipient Marge Sawyer said. “Great as a friend, a companion, whatever.”

Friedman has done online dating since its inception back in the ’90s. He met his former wife on the Internet and continued to find love in cyberspace.

So far, no luck.

“From what I hear, women just get bombarded with messages,” Friedman said.

So the 46-year-old vegan and ultimate Frisbee player took it into his own hands. At first, the idea was a joke from a friend, but months later, Friedman thinks he could find a special someone through matchdave.com.

Friedman used his tech skills to create his own site where eligible ladies can log on and match with him.

“I tried to model it after a typical online dating site, but make it, instead of having the pictures where it’s a variety of people in different poses, it’s all me,” Friedman said.

On most popular dating websites, there are options for gender and preference. On matchdave.com, there’s only one choice.

“Where they’re seeking someone, it would also have them specify a gender,” Friedman said, “But I just put my name in there.”

Friedman included a detailed profile as he would on any other site, but intentionally left the description of what his “perfect woman” is like vague.

“I didn’t want to exclude a lot of people right from the start,” Friedman said.

Friedman’s first date preference?

“Either a walk or bike ride or dinner, something where you can get to know the other person, but there’s something else you can focus on so you don’t feel the pressure of just maintaining that conversation,” Friedman described.

Friedman said when he launched the site a few months ago his friends immediately shared the link. He got plenty of responses, but so far, has only been on one date and no love connections.

Friedman is confident he still has a shot.

“I haven’t seen any others like it though,” Friedman said.