Metro buses will stick to their schedule as much as possible this week, city says

MADISON, Wis. — Despite the incoming winter storm that is expected to create travel headaches over the next couple of days, the City of Madison says it anticipates its Metro buses to run at full service.

The city says riders may see delays depending on how much snow falls, but as of Wednesday afternoon, they were not planning anything different for Thursday or Friday.

“We of course encourage and support DOT’s recommendation not to travel on Friday. However, if people do need to be out, we do our best to stay on the road,” Metro Transit Marketing and Customer Service Manager Mick Rusch said.

Metro drivers will maintain their schedules as conditions allow, but Rusch says drivers will start to avoid steep hills if roads start to get slippery. Because of that, the city is encouraging people who need to use the bus to board at stops that are on more level roadways.

“If we start getting an unmanageable number of buses stuck in the snow, we’d have to look at ending service,” Rusch said. “If we were to do that in the middle of the day, we would give plenty of advance notice so that people that might have ridden on Metro in the morning would have a chance to get home.”

Ultimately, city officials are urging people to stay home on Thursday and Friday if they can.

Metro riders can find updates online and can also sign up for text or e-mail alerts.

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