Mentally ill man taken into custody after being on roof of house

Madison police squad car

A 47-year old was taken to a medical facility after a bizarre incident Sunday where police said he damaged cars, jumped on rooftops and claimed he was running away from wild pigs.

The incident happened on Waunona Way around 12:40 a.m. Sunday.

According to police, a homeowner heard banging outside his house and went outside to see what the commotion was about.

When he got outside, police said the homeowner found the man seated on the roof of his granddaughter’s car, kicking his feet against the windshield. He asked the man to get down, which he did, but then he pushed past the older man and allegedly entered his home.

Police said the homeowner grabbed the man by the arms and pushed him back outside. However, that’s when the man climbed trash cans, grabbed the rain gutter and pulled himself on the roof, police said.

The homeowner called Madison police. When officers arrived, police said the man told officers he saw pigs running around. Officers were trying to get the man off the roof when he jumped off instead, and ran at one of the officers.

Once police got the man into custody, they found the windshield broken on the car, both side mirrors and windshield wipers snapped off and the words “I love sex” scratched into roof.