MeeperBOT takes Legos to next level

MeeperBOT takes Legos to next level

In the Meeper Maker Space, kids get to use their imagination and their brains to make their Legos come to life.

“You can put a whole bunch of Legos on and you can pop a wheelie, and it’s just fun to drive them around,” 9-year-old Connor Thorsen said.

Liz Eversoll and her partner Jim Brandon co-founded Meeper Technology and created the MeeperBOT after Brandon’s son said it would be neat if his Legos could move.

“The Meeper is our digitally controlled, brick learning platform, so it’s a vehicle that you can build all your (Lego) bricks with and then you control it with your smart device,” Eversoll said.MeeperBOT takes Legos to next level

Kids can program the bot to move forward, backward, left and right, which helps them learn while having fun.

“Teachers love it. Parents love it because it’s sort of STEM-like and gives kids the opportunity to learn coding at a very young age,” Eversoll said.

The MeeperBOT comes in eight colors and can be used with any device that has Bluetooth.

“I think it’s fun when you make it spin really fast or try to go over ramps or make an obstacle course because it’s a lot challenging when you have to try to do it,” 12-year-old Amanda Ortin said.MeeperBOT takes Legos to next level

Meeper Technology started in the Innovation Center in Whitewater and recently opened its own space in February. The company ships the product to stores around the world and can also be found at 15 specialty stores in Wisconsin, including Capitol Kids and Learning Shop. The product will soon be sold online with Walmart, Toys R Us and Target.

There is an open house every Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. for people to come in and test out the MeeperBOTs. Kids can also have birthday parties and attend coding classes at the Galactic Headquarters. More information can be found on the company’s website .