Mediterranean diet named the best for 2019

If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean diet, get ready to do a victory dance. For the first time, the Mediterranean diet has won the gold as 2019’s best overall diet in["ad-manager-551125"]= {"custom_css":[],"ad_details":[{"min_width":"","max_width":"","dfp_ad_sizes":[{"dfp_ad_width":"300","dfp_ad_height":"250"}]}],"ad_id":551125,"ad_container":"div-ad-manager-551125","ad_placement":"in-article","ad_name":"ad-manager-551125","position":"in_article","article_position":1,"out_of_page_ad":null,"lazyload":"global"};

Why rank diets?

Haupt says the goal of the US News and World Report diet rankings is to clear away clutter.

“New diet trends are a dime a dozen,” she said. “We want to provide comprehensive, trustworthy information that highlights the diet standouts and those that don’t perform so well in an array of different categories.”

Bergquist agrees that expert rankings provide value to the consumer who wants to lose weight safely and improve their health.

“It’s a chance for experts to help the general public separate diets that are looking for their 15 minutes of fame from diets that are based on what we know about the fundamentals of healthy eating,” she said. “It’s really replacing controversy and confusion with consensus.”