Meals on wheels continues despite cold

Home Health United volunteers delivers to 230 people
Meals on wheels continues despite cold

Meals on wheels continues despite cold

While many stayed indoors during the frigid weather Monday, others ventured out to make sure hot meals got to those who need them.

Home Health United did their daily Meals on Wheels run between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday, taking hot meals prepared by the Market Street Diner to more than 230 people on 38 routes.

Some of the recipients of the meals were shocked to see volunteers at their doors given the extreme weather.

“I think they will not be able to come out and sure enough they were right there,” Madison resident Karen Sauer said. “Meals on Wheels never fails.”

Sean Morrison works on staff at Home Health United, but is a backup volunteer who helped out since some regular volunteers could not make it in because of the cold. He said he was glad to do it because of how important the meals can be.

“When schools are closed and it’s not safe to be outside for too long, it is probably more important than ever to get people food that need it and can’t get out to get it,” said Morrison.

Beyond the hot meal, the visit also acts as a wellness check.

“Given this cold weather, if someone’s heat were to go out and no one had been notified and they didn’t answer their door, it would be a safety check in that case,” said Mary Borland with Home Health United.

The organization does give “blizzard meals” to residents in case weather would prevent a delivery, but they weren’t needed Monday.