Meadowood Neighborhood Center expands

Meadowood Neighborhood Center expands

A new and improved neighborhood center is set to open this week on Madison’s west side.

The Meadowood Neighborhood Center has been located on Raymond Road for years, and it is now seeing a facelift. Directors say along with expanding the space, the center will also offer more resources to the community – from fitness and health classes to computer and media programs.

Those programs aren’t just geared toward students.

“We’re able to give options to our youth participants, and we’re able to accommodate youth and adults at the same time, whereas before it was kind of an either/or situation,” says Joe Schlesing, director of the center.

Students who already spend time at the center say they’re excited to see more room and options in their community.

“There’s not really very much kids can do [here,]” says Alisha, a high school junior who says she’s been visiting the center since 7th grade. “It’s a good place for kids to come without getting into trouble. It’s a good place to be, a comforting, warm place to stay.”