Mayor calls off LGBTQ flag-raising just minutes before event

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The rainbow flag that is the symbol of the LGBTQ community was set to be raised at Reading, Pennsylvania, City Hall to kick off the city’s weeklong Pride celebration. But the mayor called things off just minutes before the ceremony because, he says, it’s a political movement.

Mayor Wally Scott told CNN affiliate WFMZ that he doesn’t have anything against the LGBTQ community but that he doesn’t believe flags should be raised at City Hall for political movements.

Ben Renkus, president of the Reading Pride Celebration, said dozens of people had gathered for the event on Monday but were let down when it didn’t happen.

“We are angry and disappointed that our beloved city and the support that we have received over the past years has been tainted by a single person, Mayor Wally Scott,” Renkus said.

The LGBT Center of Greater Reading also