Matt Fanale’s Caustic Will Make First Appearance in Years at MAMA Party

Matt Fanale’s Caustic Will Make First Appearance in Years at MAMA Party
Caustic has not performed in Madison for two years but will play the MAMAs Finalist Announcement Party next week.

The results are in from the first round of voting for the eleventh annual Madison Area Music Awards (MAMAs), and a Finalist Announcement Party will take place Tuesday, April 1, at the Brink Lounge to unveil the finalists in nearly seventy categories. The finalists will move on to the final round of voting, which runs April 2 through May 17. Winners will be announced on June 22 at the MAMA Awards in the Capitol Theater.

The Finalist Announcement Party features a variety of performances, including sixteen-year-old singer/songwriter Corinne McKnight. McKnight is already a veteran, having performed solo for some time and in several bands, including Modern Mod. She recently spent time in Nashville where she worked with songwriters such as major TV network composer David Harper, Karen Staley (Faith Hill, Leann Rimes), and CJ Watson and Marty Brown (Tracy Bird). McKnight has released her full-length debut, Surprised Me, on Slothtrop Records.

Little Margie and Jimmy Voegeli join forces with their ever-popular Dueling Hammonds show featuring both their organ-playing and singing skills as well as their effervescent personalities and quick wit. Two of Madison’s most popular musicians.

Even the punks get in on the act with a performance from the Moguls. You can check out the band’s music here, including the hilariously titled 30 Helens Agree: Getting Laid > Getting Paid and also the split recording with entitled I’m a Burrito, which features the cutest kitten cover ever.

Something for everyone then, right? Well yes, especially when the icing on the cake will come in the form of a rare local performance from industrial rockers Caustic, whose last Madison appearance was some two years ago. The band was formed in 2002 by Matt Fanale, also known as DJ Eurotic. Fanale is also the man behind the hugely successful Reverence Festival, which ran from 2004 to 2009. You can check out the music here, including the most recent release Obamacare (read the review here). Fanale’s been busy with his other side projects too. Causticles released the Marco Visconti EP in November 2013 and Beauty Queen Autopsy released Roughest Cuts – the Demos in December.

With all the fantastic live music it might be easy to forget the real purpose of the event: backing the MAMA mission of supporting youth music education programs and providing musical instruments. In addition to the MAMAs finalists, the eight local bands moving to the finals in the new Breakthrough Artist Competition will also be announced at the party. Those eight finalists will perform in a battle-of-the-bands show April 4 at the Inferno.