Marshall police sisters deliver baby in parking lot

7-pound, 11-ounce girl born at station

VIDEO: Marshall police sisters deliver baby in parking lot

A special delivery arrived Thursday morning at the Marshall police station. A baby girl was born in their parking lot.

One of police officers who helped told WISC-TV she had training on how deliver a baby when she was in the police academy, but that was more than a dozen years ago.

Nestled snug in her car seat, Miranda Nemec has no idea the excitement her birth caused in the village of Marshall.

“She’s like, ‘she’s having a baby,’ and I’m like, ‘I need gloves!’ My first thought was I need gloves,” Officer Kristine Quam said.

Quam and her sister, office assistant Deanna Chadwick, sprang into action when Miranda’s parents Doug and Amy pulled up in the police department’s parking lot.

“I started pounding on all the doors here and people ran out, the neighbor next door brought us some towels than 2 or 3 minutes, we had a little baby,” Doug Nemec said.

The sisters, both mothers themselves, managed to stay calm while delivering the baby in the family’s car.

“Mom did everything; really we were just glorified catchers because she did the work,” Quam said.

Friday the Nemecs stopped by the place of Miranda’s birth to meet some of the folks who helped deliver her.

The sisters said it was an honor to be part of little Miranda’s birth.

“Probably one of the best moments [that] we got to share with the mom and dad standing right there [was] to hear that baby cry for the first time,” Deanna Chadwick said.

“For all the stuff we do and all the things we see, by far, her birth will be the best part of my career,” Quam said.

Doug said he’s thankful he decided to stop there.

“Mom is terrific,” he said. “She’s a very brave individual (and) the best wife and mother I could have wished for.”

Miranda Nemec weighed a healthy 7 pounds, 11 ounces. 

Her dad joked she will have her first birthday party at the police station as a tribute to all the folks who helped deliver her.