Mark Sanford calls Iowa ‘Buckeye state’ ahead of visit

Former Rep. Mark Sanford might be weighing getting into the presidential race but he has some key nicknames to keep track of in the meantime.

The South Carolina Republican tweeted about an upcoming trip to Iowa, the first-in-the-nation caucus state — but called it by a nickname for Ohio.

“Will be going to Iowa next week and would love your wisdom on local perspectives if you are from the Buckeye state!” he tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Iowa is the Hawkeye State, while Ohio is the Buckeye State.

Sanford has since deleted the tweet.

Iowa isn’t the only key state that Sanford has in his sights. He was in New Hampshire, another early-voting state, last week.

The former congressman, who lost his primary race last year after voicing criticism of Trump, has been privately considering whether to run since leaving office in January. Sanford’s presidential bid would be a long shot against President Donald Trump, who, per Gallup, has an 88% approval rating among Republican voters.

Sanford told CNN’s Brianna Keilar in July that he is considering mounting a challenge to Trump in 2020, with plans this month to explore a possible candidacy.

When asked why he is considering a run, Sanford said there is “no discussion of debt, deficit and government spending in Washington these days.”

“The President said we’re not going to touch the very things that drive debt and spending,” he said. “So I think that we’re walking our way into one heck of a financial storm, and there’s no discussion.”

Sanford said there is “more than enough commentary” about the President’s “noxious” and “weird” remarks, and his bid would instead focus on debt and spending.

Earlier this month, Sanford released a campaign-style video warning of a financial “big storm coming” for America if the country doesn’t try tackling its mounting debt.

CNN’s Michael Warren, Kate Sullivan and Veronica Stracqualursi contributed to this report.