Man to receive rare kidney donation from unexpected match

Man to receive rare kidney donation from unexpected match

A man who battled health issues for decades will finally receive some relief next week. Hap Rach was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and diabetes nearly three decades ago.

Strong medications took a toll on his kidney and now Hap needs a replacement. He found a match… in an unexpected place.

“It makes me feel very fortunate that I’m going to be able to get a kidney and it makes me very proud and happy that she’s my donor,” Hap says as he looks at his wife, Pat.

It was a match made in heaven. The chances of someone’s spouse being the perfect match are extremely rare.

“Right now I’m pretty cautiously optimistic,” Hap said. “It’s a godsend. I guess the thing about it is she will always be a part of me.”

Pat chimed in saying, “I’m a little nervous. I’m not so nervous about the surgery I guess so much. I’m just nervous that everything is going to turn out all right for us and everybody is going to be good.”

With their positivity, their illustrious love and fate falling into place like it has already, Hap and Pat have been a real life love story with a true, happily ever after.

“It makes me feel happy, lucky, proud that that much more love is being given to me than what I’ve already received,” Hap said.