Man passes Wisconsin Bar exam, sworn in as younger brother looks on

MADISON, Wis. — Tuesday was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Quattromani brothers.

Scott, who recently passed the Wisconsin Bar exam, was sworn in as his brother James, an Administrative Law Judge at the State Bar, looked on. Scott, who previously practiced law in California, decided to get back into the practice after moving to Wisconsin.

“It’s kind of interesting doing it 24 years later, again, but very proud to be finished,” Scott said.

The pair are both Navy veterans, taking inspiration from their father who was in the Army.

“Scott’s eight years older,” James said. “So I had one more inspiration.”

The brothers went to law school after their time in the service, and now are back together in Wisconsin.

“I’m proud of him,” James said. “I’m a proud little brother here today.”