Man ODs on heroin, suspected dealer arrested

Police: Son ODs on heroin while mom waits in car
Man ODs on heroin, suspected dealer arrested
Andre Bowman

Madison police said one of many heroin cases from over the weekend included the overdose of a man while his mother waited in a gas station parking lot.

The Stoughton woman told police her son, in his 30s, asked her to drive him to the Speedway at 4902 Verona Road on Saturday afternoon to collect money after winning a bet. She said he went inside and was gone several minutes when police arrived.

Police said surveillance video showed the woman’s son meeting outside another door with a man who arrived in a van driven by a woman and filled with children. The video showed the son going into a bathroom, coming out and collapsing.

The van was spotted just before 8 p.m. as the driver parked in the 6900 block of Odana Road, police said. Andre D. Bowman, 40, of Madison, was arrested on suspicion of delivery of heroin and on a parole violation. The driver, the suspect, and children were on their way to a nearby pizza party, according to police.

The son was taken to a hospital for treatment. His mother told police he had battled against heroin, had been through rehab and thought he had lost the habit.

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