Man Beaten After Fender-Bender In Strip Club Parking Lot

A 22-year-old Madison man was beaten unconscious after he accidentally backed his vehicle into a car in the parking lot of a strip club early Monday morning.

The man backed his vehicle into a “fancy, black car” in the parking lot for Visions at 3354 E. Washington Ave. at about 12:30 a.m., according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

The man said he got out to apologize for the fender-bender and to give the other party his information for insurance purposes, and that is the last thing he remembers, police said.

A witness told police that six men got out of the black car, and two held the victim while two others delivered multiple blows.

The remaining men stood and watched and did not participate in the battery, the witness told police.

The victim was revived by a friend and driven to his home. He was later transported by ambulance to a hospital. The victim suffered multiple head injuries, including a possible fractured jaw, police said.