Man arrested on weapons charge

A 29-year-old Verona man faces charges, after police said his actions caught the attention of an officer.

Around 3:30 p.m. Friday, concerned witnesses called police after seeing a man walking from Seminole Highway to Monroe Street, acting like he was shooting a gun at passing vehicles.

An officer witnessed him acting like he was shooting a rifle.

Police stopped the man in the 2400 block of Monroe Street, and said Joseph Gallina had a five-inch blade in a homemade sheath under his shirt, a pipe that smelled of marijuana, and was wearing a large-caliber bullet attached to a necklace.

Police said Gallina told them he could legally make the shooting gestures, and continued to fake shoot at passing vehicles and pedestrians from the back of the squad car.

Gallina was arrested on chages of disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.