Man arrested in assault at Metro Bus stop

Madison police arrest a man on charges of substantial battery
Man arrested in assault at Metro Bus stop

According to a police report, Dante Williams, a 36-year-old Madison man, was booked into the Dane County Jail following an incident at the South Transfer Point Sunday night. 

Officers were called to a disturbance at the Metro Bus stop at 802 W Badger Road at 10:44 p.m.  The first officer on scene said that there was still an active disturbance occurring.  It was later determined after a review of video that the officer was witnessing the final of several blows to the 35-year-old male victim.

Williams was charged with substantial battery.  A battery is said to be “substantial” if a victim loses consciousness.

In this case, the victim reported being struck in the back of the head with at least one of two weightlifting dumbbells that happened to be in the Transfer Point.  Williams believed that he was knocked cold.

 In addition, the victim suffered contusions to his head and a facial laceration. The victim was treated at a local hospital. 

It is believed that both parties in this incident had at least some prior familiarity with each other and that the attack by Williams was not random, police said. 

The presence of video cameras at the scene and the quick response of officers were instrumental in the investigation of the case, the prevention of further injury to the victim and quick apprehension of the suspect.

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