Man arrested for setting fire to apartment building

Small fire breaks out in Madison apartment building
Man arrested for setting fire to apartment building

According to a police report, a pile of charcoal blocks was intentionally set on fire inside 2201 Carling Dr. on Sunday.  First responders from the Madison Fire Department and the Madison Police Department were dispatched at 12:40 a.m. 

 A resident of the building noticed flames entering his apartment at the bottom of his closed door, police said.  The resident was able to quickly extinguish the flames using a trash can filled with water.

The building was evacuated by the resident. The blaze caused damage to the apartment door, carpeting in the hallway and smoke damage. 

There were no reported injuries.

Through the help of other concerned residents, Madison police officers were able to identify and contact a potential suspect.

The report said Matthew A. Brooke, 35, of Madison, was arrested and charged with arson. Brooke may have been motivated after he became upset with management over the recent eviction of Brooke’s friend. Brooke said that he had not specifically targeted the apartment of the resident most directly affected.

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