Man accused in sexual assault hours after ‘piggybacking’ incident

A man accused of sneaking into a campus dorm is accused hours later in a similar incident and of a sexual assault, police said.

The Madison Police Department said 18-year-old Larry Seidl was arrested at about 1 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of fourth-degree sexual assault. He’s accused of grabbing a woman’s butt in the 700 block of State Street.

Police said two women also reported Thursday morning that Seidl followed them into a campus-area apartment building. Police said at the time, officers didn’t have probable cause to arrest him. After the fourth-degree sexual assault incident, police do have cause to arrest him but he wasn’t located Thursday afternoon.

UW-Madison police arrested Seidl Wednesday following a disturbance inside a dorm . UWPD said he “piggybacked” off other residents who were entering the building, then went into the women’s bathrooms, pointing a camera at one person. Seidl was later released from custody, police said.

Madison detectives are working with our partners at the UW-Madison Police Department on this investigation and are asking others who may have information on Seidl to contact the MPD’s non-emergency number at 608-255-2345.