Make Your Own Truffles for a Decadent Gift

Make Your Own Truffles for a Decadent Gift

I’m going to let you in on a secret: It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on the perfect gift for your special someone; it’s how much effort it appears that you spent. These chocolate-raspberry truffles created by chef John Bauer from The Wise at HotelRED are decadent enough to give the illusion of hours of kitchen labor, but simple enough for even the novice cook to make. Beautiful creamy balls of chocolate ganache, flavored with piquant raspberries, are rolled in a cocoa powder, coconut flakes or chopped nuts, creating a swoon-worthy gift.

Recipe: Raspberry Truffles


18 oz fresh or frozen raspberries Zest of 1 lemon 1 tbsp lemon juice 4 tbsp granulated sugar 1 cup heavy cream 20 oz chopped bittersweet chocolate Crushed nuts, cocoa powder or coconut flakes


Cook raspberries, lemon juice and sugar over medium heat until smooth, adding lemon zest just before done. Strain through medium sieve. Add heavy cream to raspberry-lemon mixture and bring to a simmer. Melt chocolate over a double boiler. Blend juice-cream mixture with chocolate and pour into a shallow pan. Cool 4–6 hours. Portion using a small melon baller or scoop. Form a ball and roll between hands to form truffles. Roll balls in crushed nuts, cocoa powder, coconut flakes or other desired finish. Truffles can be stored up to 3 weeks in sealed airtight container.