Madison’s Vision Zero traffic safety plan making progress, city says

MADISON, Wis. — Madison’s Vision Zero traffic safety program has another eight years to reach its goal of no traffic deaths by 2030, but so far the city said it’s already having an impact.

The city’s traffic engineer gave an update on the effort during Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway’s news conference on Thursday, saying the number of cars going more than 40 miles per hour within city limits dropped by 30% to 90% depending on the road and time of day.

City crews have also placed speed trailers on various streets and reduced speed limits on more than 24 miles of roads.

“We need to each play a role in resetting our safety culture here in Madison and being mindful of the other folks in our community and using our sidewalks, our streets, our bike paths when we go out and travel around,” Rhodes-Conway said.

The traffic division is close to finishing a comprehensive road safety plan.

Engineer Yang Thao said despite the progress, there are still far too many reckless drivers on Madison’s streets.