Madison’s new ice cream food cart

Those behind El Grito will front Mijo
Madison’s new ice cream food cart
Kristen Taylor/Wikimedia Commons

The team that scratches your Mexican-food itch with the El Grito food cart is moving into the ice cream biz starting mid-April. Josh Barraza and company will front Mijo, a petite cart offering ice cream, vegan ice cream and sorbet using 100 percent Wisconsin dairy.”We’re really into doing frozen treats,” explains Barraza. “We’ve always wanted to do ice cream.”

They’re contracting with Sassy Cow to create the ice cream flavors as well as to ensure they meet all state of Wisconsin dairy specifications and requirements. Mijo plans to launch with eight flavors, including blueberry vanilla, cardamom, salted caramel and honey toffee.

“The key is to make the flavors relatable,” says Barraza. “We have to consider the Wisconsin palate. We can’t get too wild.” Given that they’re using Sassy Cow, they probably won’t need to.

S is for Sassy

The true Wisconsin ice cream connoisseurs know the flashpoint of locally produced, creamy goodness is in the lush fields of Columbus northeast of Madison where the Sassy Cow Creamery is cranking out a surprising number of gotta-have-it flavors. (They’re kind of like our very own Ben & Jerry’s, without the celebs-meet-Deadheads-meet-politics vibe.)

Now that Sassy Cow partners with other ice-cream startups, its profile could become sassier than ever.

You can make the drive to Columbus if you’d like, but you can also find Sassy Cow among a sizable list of local grocery stores and markets, from Hy-Vee to the Jenifer Street Market and the Willy Street Co-op.

In other words, you have no excuse for not filling your cone with Sassy Cow. 4192 Bristol Road, Columbus, 837-7766