Madison’s Funk Factory Geuzeria to become Black Rose Blending Company

MADISON, Wis. — A Madison taproom is changing hands.

Funk Factory Geuzeria on Gilson Street will become Black Rose Blending Company next month.

Levi Funk has operated Funk Factory since 2015 but is now selling the bar and brewing equipment to longtime employee Kyle Metz. The new facility will primarily offer products similar to the Funky Barrel aged sour beers and explore new variations of wines and ciders.

“It’s kind of just been a natural progression and build-up, and it’s exciting to do it for myself and incorporate ideas that maybe didn’t fit in with the Funk Factory branding or our beer-making ideology,” Metz said.

The Funk Factory taproom will be open for normal hours Thursday through Sunday through its holiday part on Dec. 30. After that, it will close until renovations are finished, which is tentatively scheduled for March.