Madison USPS: How to prevent package theft

Madison USPS: How to prevent package theft

Police said packages are being stolen off the front porch of homes in Madison.

Madison USPS Customer Relations Coordinator Bob Sheehan said with the holidays around the corner, before you ship your gifts there are a few things to know to make sure a Grinch doesn’t steal your Christmas cheer.

“Package theft is becoming a problem,” Sheehan said. “We would advise if you think that you are in a location that you may have heard your neighbor talking about the issue or you’ve experienced it yourself in the past to let us know.”

The Madison Police Department said around a dozen packages have been stolen from residents’ front porches in the last month. It happened Monday when a woman used USPS tracking to confirm her package had been delivered but when she came home a couple hours later all she found was an empty porch. It’s a worry some customers said never crossed their minds.

“They usually tuck it behind the bushes next to the front door so I know to look for it when I’m expecting it,” said customer Marybeth Pagura. “So I have never had any problems.”

It’s a problem Sheehan believes all customers should be aware of.

“Once we make the delivery it is really out of our hands but we would advise our customers if they do see mail theft contact the police immediately and contact the postal service inspectors immediately,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan said by making a formal complaint, postal service inspectors may be able to determine whether your problem is isolated or part of a larger mail theft problem in your neighborhood.

To ensure your holiday presents are here to stay he said you should ask your mail carrier to leave it in a hidden location, request signature delivery or request that your package to be held at the postal office to be picked up.