Madison Streets Division warns some roads could be snowy, slippery ‘until sometime next week’

MADISON, Wis. — Madison’s Streets Division is warning drivers to expect potentially snowy and slippery roads “until sometime next week.”

Snow is expected to start falling Wednesday night into Thursday; even after it stops, strong winds are expected to create travel challenges.

In an update Wednesday afternoon, Streets Division superintendent Charlie Romines said the storm “will have long lasting impacts on travel, making commuting through Madison challenging.”

“Streets Division crews will be out, but everyone who elects to be on the roads should anticipate snow-covered and slippery roads until sometime next week,” he wrote.

Once snow begins to fall, city plows will head out on salt routes until the storm has passed. Plows will start out by salting main city roads until temperatures drop below the point at which salt becomes less effective. At that point, they will switch to using sand.

Romines wrote a citywide plowing is likely to happen following the storm, but specific details haven’t been decided yet. Driving on residential streets is expected to be “difficult and slippery,” he said.

During a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi urged drivers to exercise extreme caution and stay off the roads as much as possible, especially on Friday.

“The bottom line is driving will be difficult, so please minimize travel once this storm begins,” he said.

Sixty county highway plows, including large graders and tow plows, “will be out in force” with additional equipment to keep roads clear, county officials said.]

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