Madison Streets Division begins August Moving Days trash collection, encourages recycling

MADISON, Wis. – One million pounds of garbage will be filling thousands of curbs in downtown Madison beginning this week, and city leaders are encouraging residents to keep usable items out of the landfill.

As August moving days roll in more than 20,000 people will be either moving in or out, bringing about a tidal wave of coaches, desks, and mattresses to line the streets around campus

Bryan Johnson with the Madison Streets Division said his staff will do their part to clean it all up but they want people’s help doing what they can’t.

He said a lot of what gets thrown away doesn’t really belong on their trucks and recommends people consider reaching out to local thrift shops to donate.

“Why are we wasting these resources?” he said. “Why are we wasting that landfill space just because it’s like ‘ugh it’s just so hard to call.’”

Spokesperson for Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin Jill Carlson said the demand for those usable items is definitely there. She said their stores have stayed busy and they often sell out donations very quickly.

“Thrifting is a huge thing,” she said. “People of all ages like to thrift because they know they’re saving this item from being put in a landfill.”

She also said the donated items allow them to continue funding their employment programs for people with disabilities and other barriers as well as their supported housing programs.

So, to help make recycling easier Goodwill has plans to put several donation bins downtown.

Carlson said, through responsible recycling, the thrift store is able to keep 16 million pounds of materials out of local landfills every year.

For more details on best practices and other donation opportunities, you can visit the Streets Division’s August Moving Days page.