Madison resident stranded in Florida as Hurricane Ian approaches

MADISON, Wis. — Roderick Ritcherson was looking forward to a trip to the Florida Keys with his mother, his kids and his grandkids. But that trip turned sour as Hurricane Ian grew closer.

“I guess it’s similar to in Madison,” Ritcherson said. “You know, we experience severe snowfalls and severe cold. Here, it’s another type of severe weather that we all have to deal with.”

Ritcherson’s son actually won the Florida vacation during his time on CBS’ The Price is Right. The trip was booked earlier this year, well before Hurricane Ian formed, with family members arriving on Thursday and Friday of last week.

“When we got here, we were able to have a couple of good days where we did do tours and the sightseeing, but then it went downhill,” Ritcherson said.

Ritcherson said the hotel has been accommodating, even after all the employees called in, given the weather.

Now, after two missed flights, Ritcherson and his family are hopeful they’ll be able to leave soon. In the meantime, Ritcherson is able to look on the bright side, within reason.

“This has given us an opportunity to come together as a family. On the other hand, we want to get out of here!” he said with a laugh.

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Ritcherson said his rescheduled flight should be leaving Thursday and his kids should be able to leave Friday.

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