Madison photographer celebrates reunion by offering free family portraits

MADISON, Wis. – A local photographer celebrated families reuniting after a long season of separation by offering free portraits at Westmorland Park on Saturday.

Families are given the chance to come back together as COVID restrictions ease and a Madison photographer is making sure these moments are documented.

Focusing on what reunion means to everyone, Catherine Hilcove hosted an event featuring free family portraits.

Hilcove says this was an opportunity to see how our shared experiences bind us closer together.

“I kinda feel like were at a point in the pandemic where things are really transitioning,” Hilcove said. “Were starting to see each other more, were starting to see family. It’s safer to be out and about and I just wanted to celebrate that and to give families an opportunity to come out, get their picture taken and maybe talk a little bit about what it means after the last 14 months or so of upheaval in our lives.”

To learn more about her reunite project version 2.o, visit her website.