Madison No Fear Dentistry makes it easy to go to the dentist’s office

Going to the dentist's office
Madison No Fear Dentistry makes it easy to go to the dentist’s office

Madison No Fear Dentistry‘s team has built a reputation for taking care of patients who dislike the dentist’s office.

“I think we bring a much-needed dental amenity, which is a dental clinic that specifically focuses on helping the anxious patient,” says Dr. Kevin DeGroot. “We are a judgment-free clinic and we focus on the solutions instead of the problems. People need to know that we will not judge them and they will receive compassionate care at our office.”

Creating a doctor-patient relationship is what makes it easy for Dr. Logan Van Hoof to work at Madison No Fear Dentistry.

“Getting to know our patients on a personal level is part of what makes the job enjoyable,” says Van Hoof. “The most rewarding part of my job is when I can transform a patient’s smile into something that they are proud of and see how it can impact not only their self-esteem, but their lives.”

The environment at Madison No Fear Dentistry is about being loose and not nervous. “Our team works very hard to create the best patient experience, and part of that is creating a welcoming environment with laughter and fun,” says Van Hoof. “Having an environment like this makes going to work every
day a joy.”

For Dr. Kevin DeGroot, creating a new experience and a beautiful smile for his patients is what he loves most about working at Madison No Fear Dentistry.

“I love working with my hands to create beautiful cosmetic and functional outcomes for my patients,” says DeGroot. “I also love that I get to see many patients each day and catch up on what is going on in their lives.”

“We get to change people’s perception of dentistry,” says DeGroot. “What we are trying to do is debunk all these ‘old-school’ practices and concepts and create an entirely new experience for our patients.” •