Madison Metro requests $20K for security

The Madison Common Council heard a request for more money to help the Madison Metro west transfer point Tuesday night.

Metro asked for an additional $20,000 to add more uniformed police officers at the west transfer point during peak commute hours.

Metro officials said they’re seeing an influx of crime and problems there.

The district already has cameras put in place at the transfer point and on buses to help protect people.

Increased policing is not a new idea for Metro.

In 2008, the bus company had 425 police calls to the south transfer point.

When Police increased patrols, the calls were reduced drastically, said Metro spokesperson Mick Rusch.

“About $50,000 is what we’ve been working with the last so many years and tonight we’re asking for another $20,000 to pay for the overtime for the police officers to expand and do a little more focus at the west transfer point.”

Metro asks any customers who have issues at any of the transfer points, or on the buses, to report it to the customer service center at 608-266-4466.