Madison Makers | Roots Chocolates

The foundation of the Roots Chocolate operation goes beyond the dark, imported cocoa beans

In a time when so much of what we do takes place in the digital realm, Sara Gomach was drawn in the opposite direction, toward the craftspeople, designers, artists, cooks—the makers—in Madison creating things with their own hands. In late 2013, the local photojournalist began documenting these eclectic artisans in their workspaces, showcasing their stories through stories and images. The following is a glimpse into the creativity she’s captured.


Roots Chocolate is deeply and firmly established in the idea of creating a sturdy foundation—hence, a back deck transformation on chocolate gourmand Lisa Nelson’s fourth generation family farm into a professional chocolate-making studio.

The foundation of this operation goes beyond the dark, earthen cocoa beans imported from Nicaragua, Ecuador and Peru that Lisa uses as the base of her bitter sweet confections; homespun honey, lavender and even squash are staples in the unique recipes created by this farm-to-table chocolatier.

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