Madison Makers | Nicholas Schmidt

Nicholas Schmidt's craft is about more than just great fitting garments—it's a personal journey
Madison Makers | Nicholas Schmidt

In a time when so much of what we do takes place in the digital realm, Sara Gomach was drawn in the opposite direction, toward the craftspeople, designers, artists, cooks—the makers—in Madison creating things with their own hands. In late 2013, the local photojournalist began documenting these eclectic artisans in their workspaces, showcasing their stories through stories and images. The following is a glimpse into the creativity she’s captured.


Nicholas Schmidt is one to watch. As a self-taught custom denim designer, Nicholas’s craft is about more than just great fitting garments—it’s a personal journey. As the originator of Madison Metropolitan School District’s only middle school-level Fashion and Art Club, Nicholas has his finger on the pulse of not only fashion, but also the community. As tried and true as his heavy-duty wares, Nicholas exudes palpable passion for his work. His decision to start designing was simple, as are his designs themselves. From custom denim pants, structured fur-trimmed parkas and even leather handbags and key fobs, Nicholas sticks to the notion that less is truly more. The craftsmanship found in his work is as authentic as the vintage machine he stitched it on.

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