Madison Makers | Hepburn Ceramics

Hepburn's signature: Clean lines and silhouettes of mid-century aesthetics

In a time when so much of what we do takes place in the digital realm, Sara Gomach was drawn in the opposite direction, toward the craftspeople, designers, artists, cooks—the makers—in Madison creating things with their own hands. In late 2013, the local photojournalist began documenting these eclectic artisans in their workspaces, showcasing their stories through stories and images. The following is a glimpse into the creativity she’s captured.


Things have come full circle for Lisa Hepburn of Hepburn Ceramics. After studying art in college, Lisa took a fourteen-year hiatus from her craft to pursue a teaching career until she reinvented her ceramics artistry a year and a half ago. Looking at Lisa’s pottery today, you can see a similar circular pattern in her work. The signature rounded impressions featured on her functional goods are balanced with muted tones and the clean lines and silhouettes of mid-century aesthetics. Her hand-dipped glazing gives organic relevance to the fired, white clay. Her space, not unlike the pieces she creates, is clean, functional and representative of her subtle style. Handmade forms for molding her creations rest elegantly on wooden shelves. Pale-colored, hand-carved stamps whimsically grace her workstation where an airy, modern-style chair sits.

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