Stay Inside Guide with a header that reads "Plus a few fun (and safe!) outdoor adventures this winter

Staying inside should come natural for us Wisconsinites. Once winter sets in, outdoor outings are often characterized by frozen toes, windburn and white-knuckle driving. Now that staying inside has become a matter of public health, it’s time to demonstrate just how big of homebodies we really are. Staying on the couch as temperatures start to drop is no longer an act of laziness — it’s a public service. But we get it — many of us have been home since March, and cabin fever has likely set in. Getting through this winter will require expert level distractions. We’re here to help with that. We’ve curated content in this “Stay Inside Guide” that will come in handy through the days and months ahead. Check out our takeout suggestions, home office tips, de-stressing techniques, virtual class options and cozy things that will keep you occupied this winter.

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