Madison’s Very Asian Week

These Madison restaurants and food businesses are spotlighting specific dishes with a portion of proceeds benefiting Very Asian Foundation.

Participating Businesses


Ahan (2262 Winnebago St.) will donate $3 for every Thum Mak Hoong and Lao Platter sold from July 6-8. (Note: Ahan is closed July 3-5.)


Bandung Indonesian Restaurant (600 Williamson St., Suite M) will donate $3 from every regular entree size Sambal Goreng Tempeh sold from July 3-8. The dish features house-made tempeh, green beans, lemongrass, and potato stir-fried in an Indonesian sweet and spicy curry. Served with white rice.


Fairchild (2611 Monroe St.) will donate $3 for every salmon dish sold from July 3-8. The dish features poached salmon, lovage ponzu, yuzu cream and shiso.


Graze (1 S. Pinckney St.) will donate a portion of proceeds from every chopped cheese ddeokbokki sold from July 6-8. (Note: Graze is closed July 3-5.)

Little Palace

Little Palace (225 King St.) will donate $1 from every crab rangoon order sold from July 3-8. The dish features cream cheese, imitation crab, and white onion filled fried wontons, with sweet and sour sauce.

Madame Chu

Madame Chu will donate $1 per sale items sold from July 3-8 on

Morris Ramen

Morris Ramen (106 King St.) will donate a portion of all Korean barbecue buns sold from July 3-8. The bun was inspired by owner Francesca Hong’s family’s Wisco/Korean backyard barbecues. The dish features deep fried bratwurst, spicy Korean leek slaw (buchu moochim) and ssamjang.


RED (316 W. Wasington Ave.) will donate $1 from every Tiger Roll sold from online/in-house orders from July 3-8. This roll features spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and jalapeño and is topped with yellowtail, yuzu-wasabi aioli, ikura and micro cilantro.

Roll Play

Roll Play (3241 Garver Green, Suite 115) will donate 10% of every food and beverage purchase from July 3-8. Roll Play has a unique selection of Asian street food and bubble tea available. The Very Asian Foundation will also be Roll Play's July charity of the month, so 100% of game fee proceeds on social game nights (every Tuesday and Wednesday in July) will be donated to The Very Asian Foundation.

Strings Ramen

Strings Ramen (311 N. Frances St.) will donate $1 for each Shoyu Ramen dish sold from July 3-8. Strings Ramen makes fresh noodles daily using a Japanese machine, creating a firm and chewy texture. Strings serves three different types of broth, Shoyu, Tonkotsu and Miso, at the Madison location. Strings' Shoyu Ramen is made with a seaweed broth and a housemade special soy sauce. Three different toppings are offered along with our non-spicy Shoyu base, which are Mikkusu Yasai, Kuro Buta Belly and Kuro Buta Loin.


Taigu (7610 ElmwoodAve., Middleton) will donate $2 for every #34 or #37 scallion cold noodle dish (youpo mian) sold from July 3-8. Both orders feature boiled homemade noodles topped with chili powder, scallions, carrots, special house sauce and a splash of heated oil. Order #34 is spicy and vegetarian with egg, and order #37 is hot and numbing with roasted pork.


Tavernakaya (27 E Main St.) will donate 20% of total sales of the Spicy Shrimp Mango Roll and Veggie Ramen from July 6-8 (closed on July 4-5). The Spicy Shrimp Mango Roll features cooked shrimp, fresh mango, sesame seeds, spicy mayo in a sushi roll and the Veggie Ramen features mushroom-seaweed broth, fresh ramen noodles, smoked tofu, snow peas, shiitake mushrooms, marinated bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, nori and scallions.


Teasider (823 E. Johnson St.) will donate 20% of all loose leaf tea purchases in store and online during the week of July 3-8 (Note: Retail shop is closed July 4-6, but orders can be placed online.)

The Deliciouser

The Deliciouser will donate 25% of total sales of Togarashier from July 3-8. This spice is the owners’ interpretation of Shichimi Togarashi or “Seven Spice,” a well-balanced Japanese table seasoning. The spices work in harmony and were first mixed by herbalists in 17th century Edo, modern day Tokyo. Find a recipe for Korean-style pickles (pictured above right) on

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The American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact will offer a matching gift for proceeds of Very Asian Week up to $10,000. The Institute is also the venue host for The Very Asian & Very American Panel Discussion on Thursday, July 7, 2022. Learn more about the Institute here.

The inaugural Very Asian Week, presented by Madison Magazine and Very Asian Foundation, is July 3-8. Learn more about the Very Asian & Very American panel discussion on July 7 here. Madison’s Very Asian Week will use the funds raised throughout the week to earmark access to literature in libraries in Wisconsin, since there is no mandatory curriculum. Find out more about Very Asian Week here.