The M List 2019: Evolutionaries

Five local innovators are creating opportunities for underserved populations, and they’re achieving it with ingenuity and passion.

Homelessness: The long road home

Shamiaa Stewart is setting an example for how homeless families in the Madison area can turn their lives around through resources available in the community.

Dismantling the prison pipeline

These stories have led me to conclude there is an active pipeline in Dane County: one in which traumatized young men and women enter the child welfare system, move into juvenile delinquency and ultimately end up in the adult criminal justice system.

Muslim in Madison

Despite the rise of political rhetoric painting Muslims with a broad brush, Madison's Islamic community is diverse, devoted and 10,000-strong. 

Facing the reality of race relations

As we approach the end of 2016, we will remember this as the year we faced the reality of race relations across the country and in our city. The topic of race relations was at the forefront of the presidential campaigns and an issue that law enforcement agencies grappled with nationwide. Police shootings of unarmed black men and civilian shootings of officers have sparked overdue conversations about race.

1967: The summer of our discontent

Madison had its share of sex, drugs and rock and roll in 1967—but it also had riots, racial tension and a pivotal protest, plus governmental failure, labor strife and a tragedy of international note.

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