Levingston is living an infamous life

This new year is going to be a very big one for Sagashus Levingston, founder of Infamous Mothers. A for-profit startup, Infamous Mothers aims to redesign modern American workplaces into high-functioning and highly successful organizations where everyone can realize their potential.

Hanah Jon Taylor is a champion for Madison jazz

Taylor has a vision for a jazz venue he won’t compromise even if it has put him on an ongoing search for a place that can offer patrons excellent music, comfortable seating, a full bar and tasty food.

Madison’s Isaac Scott is a photographer now

Seven of Isaac Scott's breathtaking black and white images taken at protests in Philadelphia are spread across 14 pages in the June 22 issue of The New Yorker magazine, which includes other stories related to George Floyd and social justice.

Madison's own star gazer

Eric Wilcots, a professor in the department of astronomy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison who has been on campus for more than two decades, wants to do both research—he studies the evolution of galaxies—and share his lifelong passion for astronomy with students and the public.

Cycling with America’s first black sports hero

Michael Kranish’s book “The World’s Fastest Man: The Extraordinary Life of Cyclist Major Taylor, America’s First Black Sports Hero" is about cycling and about race relations at an earlier time in the United States.

A local duo helps African American youth

They created “Club Today Not Tomorrow,” or “Club TNT,” based on the idea that if young people make the right decisions today, they won’t deal with the consequences of risky behaviors tomorrow.

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