Madison firefighters get cat out of tree

Madison firefighters get cat out of tree
Crews respond to several Dumpster fires in downtown Madison

It’s not cliche. Madison firefighters rescued a cat trapped in a tree.

Firefighters were called Monday morning to the 300 block of Grand Canyon Drive after a man reported that his cat was stuck in a tree.

The man said he was out for a walk with his cat outside his apartment when the cat, named Luna, escaped his grip and scurried up a tree in the backyard, taking her leash with her.

The cat was about 15 feet off the ground.

Firefighters said Luna appeared to be in good spirits when they arrived, even though her leash was tangled in a tree branch. Firefighters propped up a ladder and climbed toward the branch to reach her. Once untangled, Luna was reunited with her owner and “both appeared to be very happy,” according to firefighters.