Madison, Dane County Homeowners To See Property Tax Increase

Madison homeowners, and others in Dane County, will pay more in property taxes.

On Thursday afternoon, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi signed his first ever county budget. He said the balancing act was no easy task.

“I really do think this was the toughest budget ever,” Parisi said. “Coming into this budget, looking at what the state and what the governor did to us with the millions of dollars in revenue they took away from us made it really challenging.”

About half of the $476 million Dane County budget will go to Human Services. Some areas saw cuts, but overall Human Services received an increase of $4.4 million over last year.

The county budget also includes a plan to revamp the criminal justice system, saving money by closing the Huber Center next year and finding alternatives for those who commit more minor crimes.

Overall, county taxes will go up about $28 for the average Madison home of $239,000.

As the county completes its budget process, the city of Madison completes its budget as well.

The Madison Common Council adjourned at around 12:30 a.m. Thursday, passing the city budget. It includes more funding for the Overture Center for the Arts and a study of Madison’s arts facilities.

The budget includes cuts in some city services like snowplowing. Mayor Paul Soglin said the city is $200,000 short from being “OK” this Winter season.

Taxes at the city level are also going up, on average, about $75 more than last year.

“It’s going to be tough for families,” Soglin said. “It’s going to be tough for families who are public employees who are looking at 7-, 8-, 9-percent cuts in their income.”