Madison College plans are a fair prediction of the Madison the college will need to serve

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   It’s not easy predicting the future. And like many institutions dealing with the unprecedented pace and impact of technological change that includes higher education. Yet it seems to us that campus changes being proposed by Madison College are a pretty fair anticipation of what the future might look like around here.

   Part of the planning around selling the original Downtown campus and ending the lease at the West Side campus is also about the present. Building costs, renovation and upkeep, and access and usage numbers support serious consideration of alternatives. But most compelling to us is the strategic change of emphasis from the Far West Side and Downtown to the South Side. We agree with President Jack Daniels that redirecting resources is a prudent and forward-looking response to the needs of a changing community.

   Change is rarely easy and we understand why some people who care very much about Madison College are concerned about these proposals. But we think they make sense, are fiscally responsible, and will best accommodate 21 st Century Madison. We hope the College Board approves the proposals.