Madison alder announces run for mayor

Resnick joins Soglin, Maniaci in race
Madison alder announces run for mayor
Scott Resnick

The race for mayor in Madison in 2015 is starting to get a little crowded.

Madison Alder Scott Resnick announced Monday he plans to jump into the race against present Mayor Paul Soglin and former Alder Bridget Maniaci.

Resnick, who currently serves as alder in District 8 near the University of Wisconsin campus, has made headlines recently for trying to find a way for ride-share services Lyft and Uber to operate legally in Madison. Soglin has argued the companies shouldn’t be allowed unless all their drivers are regulated.

The 27-year-old has served two terms on the city council, is a University of Wisconsin graduate, and launched a software development start-up in 2007.

Resnick said he and Soglin get along fine, but that citizens need options. He is basing his campaign on consensus building, engaging community leaders and transparency of government.

“I want to be able to engage with our residents at a level that we haven’t seen before,” Resnick said. “I want to be sure that city hall is an accessible place, and just because you’re a lobbyist or personal friend doesn’t mean you get access to city hall. Everyone should be able to have access to their mayor.”

Soglin will be trying to run for a sixth term in office has mayor. He has served as mayor off and on in Madison since 1973.

The primary is set for Feb. 17, with the general election in early April.