Lodi Fire Chief: Chris Lord ‘always made people laugh’

Construction worker killed in fall identified

Many of you heard the story of a construction worker fallng 60 feet to his death while working at a job in downtown Madison Monday.

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What we later found out was that the man was 25 years old and going to get married Saturday. I can’t even imagine.

The young man’s name is Chris Lord. We opted not to air his name until the medical examiner’s report came out but I personally talked with a mutual friend and the Lodi fire chief…who both confirmed it was indeed Chris. 

[UPDATE: We have released his identity and Matthew Simon will be reporting from the Lodi Fire Department tonight.]

Sometimes we have to make hard phone calls and it was very difficult for me to even call the fire chief. However, Bobby Annen was extremely kind and wanted to share a few words about his friend and colleague.

He said Chris was a volunteer firefighter–not once, but twice. He worked for a few months at the Lodi fire department in 2012 and started back again in 2014. He was taking classes to further his education and Annen said he knew Chris aspired to one day be an officer with the department.

Monday night Chief Annen met with the other volunteer firefighters and even broke the news to some. He said they talked about Chris, all the good things he’s done and how sorely he’ll be missed. They also started talking about a possible scholarship fund. 

“He was great,” said Annen. “He always had a smile on his face; he always made people laugh.” 

Annen said Chris always had positive things to say and was a hard worker. “He always saw the best in everybody,” Annen continued. “He never complained and never did anything negative.”

We know Chris was set to get married this Saturday. His fiance posted a picture of the two together and a growing line of people are leaving their condolences on her page. A quick google search will tell you where the two were planning on getting married and where they were registered. The fire chief also had complimentary things to say about Chris’ fiance, adding that she was very pleasant and in many ways, just like Chris.

My heart has broken several times just thinking about this young couple. Instead of planning for a wedding, his family is now preparing for a funeral. The dress is bought, the venue is paid, the out of town guests are booked into hotels. The most joyous occasion is now overshadowed by tremendous sorrow. 

I don’t know what good can come out of our coverage but I hope we learn and share the life of Chris Lord and his impact on the community. I hope we can lift his fiance and family in prayer and support during this dark time. If you have the fortune of loving someone, make sure you tell them. If you have room in your heart to think of this grieving family, please consider.