Local mitten-makers to send Madison-made pairs to Sen. Baldwin, Johnson after Sanders goes viral

Get ready for a Senate edition of 'Who wore it better?!'

MADISON, Wis.– It’s the picture that’s been taking over the Internet: a serious-faced Senator Bernie Sanders, legs crossed, sitting on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

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Since Inauguration Day, the Internet has been abuzz, photoshopping this picture of the Senator just about everywhere.

But what has most people talking is those gloves.

If they look familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen them around Madison. The local group, ‘ReMitts,’ makes hundreds every holiday season and sells them at local businesses. All the proceeds are given to local food pantries.

Like Sanders’ pair, ReMitts fashions its mittens out of old wool sweaters that have been donated to area thrift stores.

News 3 Now featured the non-profit and its founder, Janet Tupy, as part of its ‘Make a Difference Monday’ series last month.

Tupy doesn’t want our Wisconsin Senators to feel left out. So, ReMitts is sending specially-made pairs to Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson!

After all, #AllTheCoolSenatorsAreWearingThem, or at least that’s what the non-profit posted on its Facebook page.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair for yourself, you’ll have to wait awhile: the mittens don’t go on sale again until November. The mitten-makers will be busy at work over the next ten months, building up next winter’s supply.

In the meantime, they could use your help: If you have an old, wool sweater that would look great in mitten-form, donate it! ReMitts also accepts donations of buttons, thread, polar fleece, and money. Click here to find out how you can help!

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