Madison organization supports families in need with free diapers, other goods

MADISON, Wis. — Through donations and volunteer assistance, the Pregnancy Helpline is offering material goods and support to families in need.

The Pregnancy Helpline is overflowing with items such as diapers, clothing and even toys for children – ensuring a family gets everything they need to raise a happy baby.

Brenda Collins, executive director of the Pregnancy Helpline, says no family should experience not having the essential items to care for their babies.

“We want to make sure we have enough stock and supply for when clients come in or when they receive their products they are getting a lot of materials to chose from,” said Collins.

Before the start of the pandemic, 1 in 3 families were struggling with diaper need, according to the National Diaper Bank Network.

Now, they say these numbers are increasing.

“It’s been a struggle, there’s families that have been losing their income, their jobs, and finding themselves in a new situation where everything so expensive or hard to find,” says Collins.

The helpline expects to reach its one-millionth diaper donated in the fall.

They will continue offering in-store shopping or curbside pick-up for their clients at their Stoughton Road location.