Local Congressmen provide differing views on infrastructure bill

Steil And Pocan

MADISON, Wis. – The House approved a $1 trillion infrastructure bill Friday night, accomplishing one of President Joe Biden’s main policy goals.

The bill garnered approval from thirteen House Republicans and all but six House Democrats.

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One Republican who did not vote in favor of the bill was Wisconsin Congressman Bryan Steil.

“We should be making investments in our nation’s infrastructure, but through a smart, targeted approach that is focused on real infrastructure,” Steil said in a statement Friday.

The Congressman, who represents Wisconsin’s 1st District, raised concerns that the bill was not paid for, and would fund “Green New Deal subsidies”.

“I will continue voting against wasteful spending in Washington and protect Southeast Wisconsin families’ pocketbooks,” Steil said.

Steil’s Democrat counterpart, Congressman Mark Pocan, offered a different perspective on the bill.

“This along with the Build Back Better Act will give the economy the jumpstart it needs and put America back to work,” Pocan said in a statement Friday.

Pocan, who represents Wisconsin’s 2nd District, praised the bill for investing in public transit and expanding broadband access.

Friday’s bill is just the first of two large spending packages that Democrats are trying to pass. The second, Biden’s Build Back Better package, is expected to be voted on soon.

“I look forward to voting on the second half when the House passes a once-in-a-generation investment in childcare, extends the child tax credit, expands universal pre-k, and lowers prescription drug prices for seniors,” Pocan said.

While 13 Republicans did side with Democrats for Friday’s bill, the Build Back Better Act is expected to be decided on a party-line vote.