Local business picking up pieces after car crashes into building for second time this year

The local business Di Rienzo Monument sits at the corner of a busy intersection on Regent Street and Highland Avenue.

Manager Susanne Boucher said a car crashed into her building over the weekend. It was the second time this year that it has happened.

Local business picking up pieces after car crashes into building for second time this year
“This is the handicap ramp to my back room. No one will be using it for a few days,” Boucher said as she described the damages.

The first time a car crashed into the building was on the coldest day last winter.

Boucher said she couldn’t operate her business there for 4 1/2 months because there was so much debris everywhere.

“The last time, the vehicle came flying down Speedway, crashed through that window and took out most of our bathroom, and a lot of debris went flying,” she said.

Boucher said she was thankful that this time around, the damages from this crash weren’t nearly as bad.

“My heart was just pounding,” she said. “I kept saying, ‘OK just breathe and hopefully it won’t be as bad.’ When I drove up and saw I went, ‘Oh, my God, that’s minor. It’s just a hole in the wall.’ I mean compared to the damage from the first time, it felt pretty minor.”

Boucher said she will be able to work through the repairs this time, but she is hopeful that something will be done to prevent this from happening a third time.

“I suggested just some red flashing lights to alert people who are coming down Speedway that there’s a stop sign ahead. I think they don’t see it.”

Boucher said the person who crashed into the building this weekend was taken to the hospital and their car was towed.

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