Local artist encourages Madison community to come together

MADISON, Wis. — A local credit union and advertising company are highlighting a graffiti artist’s work, encouraging the community to come together in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

UW Credit Union had changed its billboard messaging at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, focusing on a message of support for the community: “Even when we’re apart — We stand together.”

During a routine update when Adams Outdoor Advertising went to change the billboard at the Beltline and I-94 interchange, they found an artist had altered the message with the image of George Floyd.

“It was captivating,” said Anne Norman, Chief Marketing Officer at UW Credit Union. “When I opened the link in our email I was stunned. I thought it was an extraordinary message. This artist had taken a message that was designed for one pandemic, COVID, and bridged it to another pandemic, racism.”

The billboard has now been moved to a more visible location above the Adams Outdoor Advertising Building on the Beltline at Rimrock Road.

Norman said this is a way to signal to the community that UW Credit Union wants to be part of the conversations and solutions to affect change.