Listening sessions help citizen voices be heard

Listening sessions help citizen voices be heard

We’re going to run through our editorial agenda item by item this week to take stock and take advantage of current opportunities around each issue.

For example, if part of the work of citizens for you is having your voice heard by your elected representatives in conjunction with other citizen’s voices, then you might want to participate in upcoming budget listening sessions around the state.

There are six scheduled around the state and the first one, next Monday in Platteville, is the only session in our viewing area.

Of course there are other ways to contact your elected state official and we urge you to do so. We’ve been struck by campaigns by citizen advocates for the arts, and for the Farm to School program among others, to call state lawmakers and support or oppose proposed legislation.

The more we look, the more we find citizens working on solving shared problems and issues. That’s great. Tomorrow, Intervention and Prevention.