Listen to the full conversation with the man arrested for lying to police about his missing parents’ whereabouts

Bart and Krista Halderson
Bart and Krista Halderson

Hours before 23-year-old Chandler Halderson was arrested for allegedly giving authorities false information about his missing parents’ whereabouts, he spoke with News 3 Now’s Adam Duxter. Halderson did not want to appear on camera, but did agree to record the audio of the conversation about what he said he knew about Bart and Krista Halderson’s plans.

You can listen to the entire conversation and find the transcription below.

Adam Duxter: All I would really want to ask you is if there is any information that you feel like would be worthwhile for us to share, anything you feel like is important to share, anything of that nature.

Chandler Halderson: My last message I got from them, they were going to White Lake for the 4th of July, there’s some festivities that go around there, better drink prices at bars, stuff like that. White Lake, Wisconsin. Their plan, to my knowledge, they were going to Langlade County to a cabin, their cabin. Along the way, they could’ve stopped many places, but I wouldn’t know all of them. But it’s about 3 hours north of Madison, or Dane County.

Adam: And they left then a week ago today, on the 1st (of July)?

Chandler: Friday. Friday morning.

Adam: So that would’ve been the 2nd, right, of July when they left?

Chandler: Yup.

Adam: And that’s the last you heard from them?

Chandler: Yes.

Adam: And then was it yesterday (Wednesday) that you called the Sheriff’s Office, or someone with your family called the Sheriff’s Office?

Chandler: I gotta go back on that, I actually got a text from them on Sunday telling me they were going to White Lake.

Adam: Okay.

Chandler: I don’t know when the text was sent, because of reception issues that they would have, they usually turn their phone off because of paying for roaming.

Adam: Yeah.

Chandler: Um, it could’ve been whenever (that) they sent that message that they made it safely and they’re going to White Lake.

Adam: Okay.

Chandler: So…

Adam: Yeah. So it was probably the last couple days that you started to get nervous then?

Chandler: Yeah.

Adam: You know, we see comments, people say are they up north, is the cell service bad, could they just not be able to get ahold of…is there anything that you feel is going on here that leads you to be a little bit more nervous that’s not the case?

Chandler: Um, my aunt went up there and was able to call me while she was at the cabin.

Adam: Okay.

Chandler: So she was able to call me, I don’t know what provider she’s using, but U.S. Cellular would take up most of Wisconsin, so they would be able to call today.

Adam: Mhm.

Chandler: This weekend it was packed, I get that. Packed, maybe the weather wasn’t great for messaging. So, yeah, who knows.

Adam: And then the other thing I wanted to ask you about was a lot of the comments, people were concerned or wanted some clarification about the vehicle, right? Because the reports from the Sheriff’s Office say they didn’t have a car, or there wasn’t a car with them…

Chandler: They brought, or they were picked up by their friends, who I never got the name of. I assumed it was someone I was aware of, like the close neighbors of theirs up the street or their best friends down on the east side, so that’s what I assumed, I never really asked any further into it. And so they got picked up and they all went up there, by like another couple.

Adam: Picked up here?

Chandler: Yeah, here at my house. Before I woke up they had everything packed up and ready to go.

Adam: And you don’t know who they…

Chandler: No. And I mean, that has happened before, where they head out before I leave, or I wake up. You know, I’m a heavy sleeper, I’m on a schedule, I wake up at 6 to feed the dogs and they were out before 6 to beat the rush to get to the north.